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10 boredom killers for kids during school holidays

Mom, Lisa shares her 10 family activities to combat boredom for kids of all ages who complain that they get bored during the school holidays. After a long year of border closures, confinements and our usual shared custody, our mixed family has finally been able to spend some time together.

Between me, yours and ours, a life we ​​live, my fiancé and I share four children from nine months to 14 years old, all boys. It’s not easy to find an activity to please everyone, especially with a baby thrown into the mix these days. Here are some tried and tested activities that families can use to keep the whole tribe entertained and keep the moans to a minimum (let’s be real that we can. be happy, at least for a while) .

Make this school vacation memorable

1. A trip to the beach What would be a list of summer activities without a suggestion to go to the beach? is a sure hit for all ages, be sure to pack a shade, sunscreen and rash for the whole family, and put yourself in a bucket and shovel to keep the little ones entertained.

2. family bike ride Take some wheels and faith It’s a walk. Scooters, bicycles, helmets and your set. Most suburbs have bike lanes or small bomb lanes for children. Have older kids teach younger ones how to do it, maybe even teach them to ride without training wheels. A great bonding experience for all.

3. Make some bakery Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake? Get the older kids to help the little ones and you’ll have a great bonding experience for everyone. Just make sure you take it easy with the mess; let them lick the beaters and carry the flour everywhere, that’s part of the fun.

4. Plan a movie night at home Unfortunately, we did not have the summer we requested. There is a lot of rain. Get ready for a rainy day with a great home movie night, also safe for COVID. You can grab some movie-style popcorn bags for almost anything online, and if you want to do it all, there are party-style movie-themed decorations you can put on. If you want it to be even more fun, give the kids Monopoly money and they should “buy” all their drinks and food for the show. Source: supplied. RELATED: Backyard Craft Ideas for School Holidays

5. Participate in a water game Whether it’s a watering can, a sprinkler or a water game Slip N Slide makes everyone happy and entertained on these long, hot summer days. If you’re lucky, you might find yourself in a situation like mine: I bought a water slide for Christmas. It was a “children’s slide” and was marketed for ages 4-8. I got it for the little ones in the hopes that the older kids would help the baby on the slide. We move quickly to the day we opened it and, my God, this thing is the size of a slide in a water park. Suffice it to say that it has kept everyone entertained for hours on hot days – older kids and mom and dad included. The best accidental purchase ever.

6. Making a time capsule Time capsules were always fun when I was little. In first grade, I did one that said I would be a hairdresser and that I got married at 21 years old. None of this happened. As a family, you can make a long-term capsule or just a ‘start to 2022’ capsule that you can open on New Year’s Eve. Each child can choose something to add to the capsule and anyone can write a letter to open it. A current photo of each child is a great addition so they can see how much they have grown when they open it. You will be amazed at how even older children can be invested when they learn about themselves.

7. Walking in the woods While hiking in the heat doesn’t seem too appealing, listen to me. Australia has some of the best waterfalls around. Take a look at the net to find some nearby ones. Pack your family with decent shoes, and a backpack of supplies for the day and discover what your local walks can offer. I promise you will find some hidden gems and teens will love how worthy they are of Instagram.

8. Take a historical walk. If COVID has taught us anything, it is the benefit of a stay. And there’s no better way to learn about your hometown than a walking tour. Some cities offer historical walking tours or, better yet, get older kids to research online and plan a walking route. Finish off with a nice coffee or beach to relax with the family. Take the local road! Source: supplied.

9. Visit the zoo or aquarium. Old favorite I know, but for some reason, they are the favorites. Kids love animals. A great day trip is to a local zoo or aquarium. Older kids could enjoy an animal experience, my teens were thrilled to have snakes and alligators in a reptile park earlier this year. The little ones love everything and will no doubt crash into the car at home; just make sure you stay safe from COVID.

10. Have a family picnic in the park After a year without being with your loved ones, get back to basics. Invite the extended family (if they are close enough) and have a picnic in the park. An easy barbecue, some grilling in the park and the whole family is happy again!

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